Technology and process combine with an intense focus on your customer to create Digital Transformation. Our team has built revenue-generating products for community banks.


Business and technology align to create new opportunities for your organization. Our team can help you develop and implement a technology strategic plan that aligns with your business strategies.


Cloud technologies can save you money, help you innovate faster, and lower your administrative burden. Our technology consultants can perform cloud assessments for security, implementation improvements, and identification of operational efficiencies. We can also help you migrate to the cloud or develop a hybrid infrastructure.


Technology changes and sometimes you need to change with it. Our team has overseen multiple bank core conversions, FinTech integrations, and online banking conversions. 

A few things we’re great at

Ensure the success of your strategic initiatives by choosing a partner that can help extend the reach of your team.


Some projects are too important to the success of your initiatives and require dedicated project management. Our advisors track and report on your strategic projects, provide additional people when needed, and manage the entire process to a successful conclusion.


All our advisors have all been in the C-Suite, so we understand business and how technology enables your organization to achieve more.  We are more than technologists and with our holistic approach to technology, RankinCo Services is the partner you need to get the right solution.


You have a business to run and ensuring your operations are stable, sometimes you need specific expertise to help with strategic technology projects. Our technologists have experience with multiple technologies including open source software, customer software, and cloud technologies.


Business needs change and with that your people needs change. RankinCo Services can source developers, analysts, system administrators, and technical support for short-term staffing or project needs.

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Managed + Advisory Services

Some organizations need an MSP, but also need more strategic services. RankinCo Services provides both managed services and strategic technology consulting which when combined creates a complete solution.


Our managed services team can provide resolution for standard user requests such as passwords, user management, remote technical support.  We can also provision and deploy hardware.

SOC & NOC Monitoring

With RankinCo Managed Services you can take advantage of  monitored Security Operations Center (SOC) and a Network Operations Center (NOC).  We can monitor and respond to security events, operational events, performance issues, and other incidents on your behalf.

SYSTEM administration

RankinCo Services technology consultants provide System Administration support such as server administration, server troubleshooting, virtual infrastructure management and network device support and deployement.

remote patching and vulnerability reporting

Patching and vulnerability scanning and remediation take a lot of time that your team could be better served advancing your business.  With RankinCo Managed Services, you can outsource these essential administrative tasks to a trusted partner that understands banking. 

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